Artists, Start Your Engines

Mario Lautier Vella_Art Language Location proposal-1

The last of our notifications have gone out today and we are very excited by this year’s line-up of artists for ALL2014. Thank you to everyone who applied, with commiserations to those we couldn’t accommodate. Now the hard work starts and the hunt for locations will begin in earnest shortly. We will be posting up details of our artists in due course, we are also looking forward to a website refresh as well as several new publicity initiatives. Watch this space!

Picture credit: Mario Lautier Vella, front page of proposal for ALL2014

Please Hold the Line…

It has been a lot of fun (and some hard work!) reviewing this year’s bumper batch of proposals; very pleased to say that there are some great ideas in there that we are looking forward to seeing in Cambridge this October. Please bear with us a few days longer; we meet as a committee tomorrow and we will then notify everyone by the end of the week.

Curating Cambridge Collaboration


We are very much enjoying reviewing all the proposals – some real nuggets in there, I think! In the meantime, a chance to say hello to Curating Cambridge – another location-based exhibition taking place around Cambridge this October. A:L:L is very much based upon partnerships and collaborations, so we are very pleased to be exploring ideas and comparing notes with Liz and Elly. Do take a look at the Curating Cambridge website, where you can also sign up to their newsletter.

Picture credit: Curating Cambridge


Matthew, Rebecca and Hollie at Sidgwick Site
A big thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for this year’s A:L:L. We are very pleased to report that we had a record response this year and are very much looking forward to reviewing them all. I promise not to raid the back catalogue of last year’s photos much longer, but this is the most recent picture of smiling committee members that I could find – Matthew, Rebecca and Hollie last October at the Sidgwick Site. We will be in touch with everyone again in due course – hopefully by the end of the month.

Last Orders

Last call for that flash of creative inspiration (where do ideas come from?) for this year’s A:L:L. The deadline for our Callout is tomorrow, Sunday 16th March (at midnight, for all you night owls). If last year is anything to go by, we are braced for a last-minute surge! Remember, you don’t have to have every last detail nailed to the floor by the time you send in your proposal, we are interested in good ideas and intriguing possibilities which we would like to see realised.

Picture credit:
False Promises by Angeliki Avgitidou
Neon sign exhibited at The Urban Larder,  ALL2013

Sharpen your pencils…

… arrange your paperclips, brew up a coffee and click those keyboards! A week to go for you to submit a proposal for ALL2014. We’re very much looking forward to reviewing this year’s batch – already we have had some intriguing new ideas for artwork in locations around town. If you haven’t yet seen the callout, then click here for full details. If you would like any help or advice, then send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Picture credit:
Adam Goodge
Art Work Life Balance, ALL2013

Two Weeks to Go!

impossible 5_900w
One of the intriguing things about working on A:L:L is wondering which locations we will be able to secure: some places that you think will definitely say ‘yes’ say ‘no’, whereas by contrast we have managed to place works in spaces that I would never have thought possible. Sometimes the negotiations are long and tortuous, and some lovely people say ‘yes’ straightaway.

So if you are thinking of applying, you are definitely encouraged to aim high for where you would like to locate your work. We can’t guarantee to work miracles (sadly!), and ultimately it is the responsibility of each artist to secure their own location, but we do offer to help all our artists with practical advice, local knowledge and contacts plus lots of hands-on experience. And if we get a ‘no’, we keep going to try to find a ‘yes’.

Already this year we have had a number of new locations proposed, so very much looking forward to seeing the final layout for ALL2014 in due course!

PS: As stated in the callout, you do not need to have secured your location when you submit your proposal; a statement of your preferred placement is sufficient. The negotiations begin in earnest after the callout process is complete…

Picture credit:
Robert Good
Cambridge street graffiti